Up to four guests can attend alongside you which can include children.

Depending on the age of children, we do recommend that children stay outside of the scanning room until the initial wellbeing checks are completed. This, however, is at your discretion.

Yes, please do arrive 5-10 minutes early to allow you time to complete the informed consent form.

Yes. We have ample free parking immediately outside the clinic. Please park in the spaces marked “Hampshire Wellbeing Centre” in Car Park 6.

Welcome – When you are first welcomed into the FirstSight clinic, we will first ask you to complete an informed consent form. This is to gain your consent to perform an ultrasound scan and to check what your preferences are. One of our Customer Care Assistants will be on hand to answer any questions you may have.

Relaxed Environment – When you are shown into the scanning room, our experienced Sonographer will put you at ease, explain the scanning process to you and make you and any guests feel comfortable before commencing the scan. Please feel free to invite friends and family to share the experience.

Wellbeing – All of our scans start with basic wellbeing checks. This scan does not replace your 12 week dating scan or your 20 week anomaly scan, so it is important that you keep all your appointments with your healthcare provider.

Scan objectives – We will then look to meet the objectives of the scan type you have booked. For example, this may be looking for the sex of baby, obtaining clear 3D views of baby, or taking measurements of baby.

If we find are finding it difficult to obtain clear views of baby to meet the scan objectives, then we may ask you to take a walk or move around in the scanning room. If this still doesn’t work, then we may offer you a free rescan on another date. Please see our Rescan Policy for terms and conditions.

Images – Finally, you will be able to select the images you would like printed and be provided with your scan report. Our Customer Care Assistant will also be able to offer you digital images and/or video clips if this is something that you wish to obtain.

Causes for Concern – If any cause for concern is identified during the scan this will be explained by your sonographer. As appropriate, we will then refer you to the NHS Hospital providing your maternity care.  We have agreed referrals pathways in place with the NHS should a concern be identified. We will always ensure that you are clear on your next steps, and we are available 7 days a week should you have any questions.

Yes, absolutely. All of our additional extras can be purchased on the day of your appointment.

We do not allow photos or videos to be taken during the scan. This includes video calls.

This is for privacy reasons and to minimise distractions for the Sonographer.

You must be at least 6 weeks pregnant for us to perform the scan (going from the first day of your last period). Your scan must also be at least 2 weeks after your first positive pregnancy test.

This is because we only expect to see a heartbeat from 6 weeks. Attending before this can cause unnecessary concern and result in us making an inappropriate NHS referral.

Should you attend prior to 6 weeks, and we are unable to confirm the viability of the pregnancy, your appointment will still have to be paid for.

If you are unsure of your dates, please do contact us and we would be more than happy to suggest the best time to attend.

FirstSight offer scans from when you are at least 6 weeks pregnant. The scan will initially be a transabdominal scan (over your tummy) however a transvaginal scan may be required in early pregnancy to obtain clear views. This is commonly required prior to 8 weeks (and sometimes outside of this timeframe) so if you would prefer not to have a transvaginal scan we would recommend attending from 8 weeks onwards.

It is your choice as to whether you consent to a transvaginal scan or not. Rest assured that we have the correct equipment and infection control measures in place to ensure the safety of you and your baby. If you have any questions about having a transvaginal scan, please contact us and we would be more than happy to talk this through with you.

Yes, absolutely! Many expectant parents prefer to find out the sex of their baby at birth. Our sonographers in these instances will do all they can to keep this a secret for you by asking you to look away from the screens at certain points throughout the scan.

Yes! We can write this down for you and we also offer gender reveal items (such as gender cannons and confetti balloons) that hide the gender until you choose to find out. If you have any requests of this nature, please contact us. We will do all we can to meet any reasonable requests!

You must be 16 weeks at least for us to look for the sex of your baby. Should you be 15 weeks + 6 days, we will not look for the sex of your baby.

No, we don’t!

We do, however, request that you please call or email us at least 48 hours in advance of your appointment to notify us that you have a multiple pregnancy. This is because we sometimes need to extend the appointment time and therefore need notice to do so. Thank you.

If we are finding it difficult to obtain clear views of baby to meet the scan objectives (such as finding the sex of baby or getting clear 3D images), then we may ask you to take a walk or move around in the scanning room. If this still doesn’t work, then we may offer you a free rescan on another date.

For this reason, if you are planning a gender reveal party, please do not book your party immediately after your scan (please allow at least 4 days).

Please see our Rescan Policy for terms and conditions.

We only have qualified and experienced Sonographers in our team, who will do their very best for you. However, due to the limitations of ultrasound, certain factors such as the position of the placenta, baby’s position, and maternal BMI, can make it unavoidably difficult to obtain clear images.

If the primary purpose of your scan is unable to be achieved, we may offer you a free rescan. This is limited to one extra appointment and is at the discretion of the Sonographer.  Please see our Rescan Policy for further information.

A ultrasound scan, sometimes called a sonogram, uses high frequency sounds waves to create an image of a part of the body being scanned. Sound waves interact differently with different tissues depending on the tissue properties.

A probe is covered with ultrasound gel and placed on the part of the body being scanned. Ultrasound waves are then transmitted from the probe and reflected from the tissue back to the probe. An image is then created from these signals.

The 4th dimension refers to the real-time movement that our advanced imaging technology allows you to see. Our medical equipment can turn a conventional ultrasound (2D) into a real 3D image of your baby, which you can see in real time (4D).

You’ll see baby moving around your womb, giving you a glimpse of your baby’s personality as well as their face.

Advanced 3D imaging software, otherwise known as “3D/4D ‘High-Definition (HD) Live’”, creates light and shadow and realistic skin tones to enable you to see an incredibly detailed 3D image of your baby. And because it all happens in real time, you can watch your baby move as well as observe anything else they may happen to do during your scan!

Research suggests that there are no known risks of obstetric ultrasound scans. Unlike x-ray and CT imaging, ultrasound scans do not use ionising radiation.

We follow guidance issued by the BMUS (British Medical Ultrasound Society) guidelines for the safe use of diagnostic ultrasound equipment. We use modern equipment that is regularly serviced and follow the ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Possible) principle, which means scanning for no longer than is necessary to meet the scan objectives. We also monitor the power settings to ensure that given the scan length, we are limiting ultrasound exposure to meet BMUS recommendations.

All our Sonographers are fully qualified and trained in the safe use of ultrasound.

Click here for information from Public Health England

Click here for National Institute for Health and Care Excellence

FirstSight is a registered CQC provider. Our CQC provider ID is 1-6875744224.

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is the independent regulator of health and adult social care in England.

The CQC makes sure health and social care services provide people with safe, effective, compassionate, high-quality care.

Categorically, yes.

All our sonographers are fully trained and appropriately qualified to perform obstetric ultrasound scans. Most of the team also work for local NHS hospitals.

All our sonographers who take blood for blood tests are phlebotomy trained.

We include wellbeing checks with every appointment.  Depending on how many weeks you are, this may include visualising baby’s heartbeat, confirming the position of baby, seeing baby’s movement, and taking baby’s measurements.

If we do identify any concerns during this scan, our Sonographers are experienced and able to deal with any issues with sensitivity and professionalism. With your consent, we will then refer you to your local NHS hospital and make sure you understand your next steps.

The scans we offer are not fetal anomaly scans. The 20-week NHS screening scan allows the sonographer to look for 11 rare conditions. Your scan with FirstSight is a self-elective, non-diagnostic scan. If an anomaly is later found that was not identified during your scan with us, we cannot be held responsible.

Categorically, yes. We would urge you to please ensure that you attend your NHS scans at 12 weeks and 20 weeks, and any other scans organised for you. The scans we offer are not designed to replace your NHS scans.

Please phone or email us to let us know that you are running late and we will do our best to accommodate you. We are a busy clinic, and running late can impact those with appointments after yours. We will do our best to see you on the day, however we may need to re-book you.

For this reason we do ask that you allow plenty of time in getting to us.

Occasionally we may be running late due to unforeseen circumstances. We will do our best to keep you informed if this is the case.

Yes, we are on the ground floor with wheelchair access. There are no steps outside or within the building. Wheelchairs are able to come into the scanning room.

We also have a disabled toilet.

Should you have any other accessibility requirements, please feel free to get in touch prior to your appointment and we will do our best to accommodate.