Early Gender Tests

Here at FirstSight we offer DNA-based blood tests that can tell you whether you’re carrying a boy or girl from as early as 6 weeks into your pregnancy.

We offer two gender tests. The “Gender Reveal Test” from local laboratory “Forensic Genomics Innovation Hub” in Southampton (FGIH Gender Test). As we transport the sample directly ourselves to the laboratory, we are able to offer results within 1-2 working days of your blood draw!

FirstSight is also an approved SneakPeek® provider. The sample is sent for processing in their laboratory in the United states. As such, results are emailed to you 5-7 working days from your appointment.

The blood draw can be booked by itself or alongside our early pregnancy scan. We do recommend having an early pregnancy scan alongside or ahead of the test to check that the pregnancy is viable and dated over 6 weeks.

A number of our Sonographers are phlebotomy trained, allowing you the convenience of having the scan and blood draw in the same appointment.

We also offer a gender and wellbeing scan, from when you are 16 weeks pregnant.