4D & Wellbeing Scan


26-32 weeks

A full 3D and 4D High-Definition (HD) pregnancy scan from 26-32 weeks of pregnancy, otherwise known as a “3D/4D ‘HD Live’ ultrasound scan. Our scans are performed by local, qualified Sonographers.

What is included with your scan:

  • A full 3D/4D HD Live pregnancy scan
  • See your baby’s face and limbs developing
  • See and hear your baby’s heartbeat
  • Confirm your baby’s presentation (position)
  • Check your placenta location
  • Check the amount of amniotic fluid around baby
  • Provide the approximate measurements and an estimated fetal weight
  • A longer appointment time

Following your ultrasound scan you will be provided with:

  • Three 3D colour prints
  • Your scan report

Additional extras available:

  • Extra prints (£4)
  • A digital download of all the images and video clips from the scan (£15)
  • Heartbeat teddy bears (£20-25)

Please note:

  • The optimum time to have a 4D scan is between 27-29 weeks. We recommend around 28 weeks if you have a posterior placenta, 27 weeks if you have an anterior placenta and 26 weeks if you have a multiple pregnancy.
  • We do not charge extra for twins. Please let us know in advance of the appointment if you have a multiple pregnancy by phone or email as we may wish to extend the appointment time.
  • If we are unable to obtain clear images, we may offer one free rescan another day. Rescans will not be offered after 32 weeks of pregnancy and therefore we recommend attending a 4D scan before 30 weeks wherever possible.

How many people can attend with me?

Up to four guests can attend alongside you which can include children.

Depending on the age of the children, we do recommend that children stay outside of the scanning room until the initial wellbeing checks are completed. This, however, is at your discretion.

What is the difference between a 2D and a 4D scan?

The 4th dimension refers to the real-time movement that our advanced imaging technology allows you to see. Our medical equipment can turn a conventional ultrasound (2D) into a real 3D image of your baby, which you can see in real time (4D).

You’ll see baby moving around your womb, giving you a glimpse of your baby’s personality as well as their face.

Advanced 3D imaging software, otherwise known as “3D/4D ‘High-Definition (HD) Live’”, creates light and shadow and realistic skin tones to enable you to see an incredibly detailed 3D image of your baby. And because it all happens in real time, you can watch your baby move as well as observe anything else they may happen to do during your scan!

Can you keep the sex of my baby a secret?

Yes, absolutely! Many expectant parents prefer to find out the sex of their baby at birth. Our sonographers in these instances will do all they can to keep this a secret for you by asking you to look away from the screens at certain points throughout the scan.

Can you tell me the sex of my baby during a wellbeing & 4D scan?

We are more than happy to look to see if we can determine the sex of your baby, yes. If, however, it is not clear then we would not offer a rescan on another date. This is because it is not the primary purpose of this scan. If you are looking to find out the sex of your baby, we would recommend booking our wellbeing & gender scan.

Please see our rescan policy for further information.

Is the scan always successful?

We only have qualified and experienced Sonographers in our team, who will do their very best for you. However, due to the limitations of ultrasound, certain factors including as the position of the placenta, baby’s position, and maternal BMI, can make it unavoidably difficult to obtain clear images.

If are finding it difficult to obtain satisfactory views of your baby, then we may ask you to take a walk or move around in the scanning room. If this still doesn’t work, then we may offer you a free rescan on another date.

Please see our Rescan Policy for terms and conditions.

Are your sonographers qualified?

Categorically, yes.

All our sonographers are fully trained and appropriately qualified to perform obstetric ultrasound scans. Most of the team also work for local NHS hospitals.


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