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10 weeks+

Verifi Plus Prenatal Test

All NIPT options include an early pregnancy scan prior to the blood draw.

Verifi Plus is available from 10 weeks into pregnancy.

Verifi Plus is processed by Illumina, a global leader in cell-free DNA testing, based in the United States.

The Verifi Plus Prenatal Test safely and noninvasively screens for the most common chromosomal aneuploidies as early as 10 weeks gestation using a single maternal blood draw. Verifi offerings provide the latest innovation in sequencing with a fast turnaround time, low failure rate, and accurate results.

Verifi offers proven superiority to traditional screening methods for the screening of common fetal aneuploidies, with reduced false positive rates (increased specificity) and increased positive predictive values (PPV). Verifi has the lowest published failure rate in the industry—0.1%.

The Verifi Plus prenatal test is the most comprehensive test that we offer at FirstSight, and includes the following;

  • Screens chromosomal pairs 1-22 (expanded autosomal trisomies)
  • Sex chromosome aneuploidy (optional):
    • XO / Monosomy X (Turner’s)
    • XXY (Klinefelter Syndrome)
    • XYY (Jacob’s Syndrome)
    • XXX (Triple X)
  • Fetal sex/gender identification (optional)
  • Microdeletion syndromes:
    • DiGeorge syndrome
    • 1p36 deletion syndrome
    • Angelman syndrome
    • Prader-Willi syndrome
    • Cri du Chat syndrome
    • Wolf-Hirschhorn syndrome

Please note, this test is not available for twin pregnancies.

Why choose the Verifi test?

  • Improved performance compared to traditional screening
    methods for the screening of common fetal aneuploidies, with
    reduced false positive rates (increased specificity) and increased
    positive predictive values (PPV)
  • Comprehensive portfolio with an expanded panel available
  • Fast turnaround time (from receipt at the lab)
  • Proceed with confidence of a low failure rate of 0.6%

When will I get my results?

Results take 5-7 working days from receipt at the laboratory.

Occasionally, a result is not possible (usually because there is not enough fetal cfDNA in the original blood sample). When this happens, a repeat blood test may be required and this is done at no extra cost.

How will I receive my results?

We will call with your results and then email you a copy of your NIPT report.

Do I need to be over 10 weeks pregnant?

Yes. We will do an ultrasound scan prior to the blood draw. Should your baby measure less than 10 weeks then we will invite you back at a later date for the blood draw. We therefore recommend coming a few days after you expect to be 10 weeks.

Can I find out the sex of my baby with the test?

Verifi Plus can report whether your baby is likely to be a boy or a girl. With this test you can get an early indication of what the gender may be, but as this is only a screening test, surprises are still possible.

This is optional. It is your choice whether fetal sex is included in your test report.

Sex chromosome aneuploidy testing and fetal sex/gender identification is only available for singleton and monochorionic twin pregnancies.

What is Specificity?

The ability of the screening to correctly identify patients without the condition screened for.

What is Sensitivity?

The ability of the screening to correctly identify a fetus with a condition screened for.

What is the Positive Predictive Value (PPV)?

The probability that a fetus with a positive result actually has the condition.

What is the Negative Predictive Value (NPV)?

This is the likelihood that if the result says low probability that the fetus will not have the condition.

How will my test results be presented? Please see the example report below.

Please note:

NIPT will not tell you if your baby definitely has one or more of these conditions, however the report can be shared with your maternity provider to explore if any further tests are needed.

No irreversible pregnancy decisions should be made based on an NIPT result alone.

Do you offer a Genetic Counselling Service?

Some expectant parents receive unexpected news from their results. To support these expectant parents we offer a complimentary genetic counselling service which we will direct you to.

Please can you provide the performance data for Verifi Plus?

For the most up-to-date information on the performance data, please visit

NIPT is a screening test, therefore false positive and false negative results can occur.



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