Your Visit


You don’t need to do anything to prepare for your scan, although it can be useful to have your pregnancy notes with you for our Sonographer to see.

Please come with a relatively full bladder as this can help us to obtain clearer images.

Please call and inform us if you require us to make any reasonable adjustments for your visit (i.e. in the case of visual impairment, limited mobility or language barriers etc).

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On Arrival

Upon arrival, you will be asked to complete and sign our Consent Form. This is a legal requirement, ensuring that we have obtained your consent for us to perform the scan.

Please arrive 10 minutes before your appointment time to allow sufficient time to complete this.

The consent form also allows us to check that the details we hold are correct and that you understand our terms, together with enabling us to understand what your preferences are with regards to the scan – such as whether you would like us to conceal the sex of your baby.

If you have an infection or illness, please call us before your appointment to inform us. Your appointment may need to be rescheduled, but your payment will not be lost.

The Scan

All of our scans begin with a wellbeing check. We then aim to meet the objectives of the scan depending on the type of scan you have booked. In some instances, if we cannot meet the primary purpose of the scan, you may be offered a rescan at a later date**.

We aim to carry out your scan in a calm and relaxed environment giving you the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have.

In the event of a cause for concern being identified we would make a referral to your local NHS hospital.

** Please note that a rescan will only be possible during certain times of pregnancy and will be subject to availability.

After Your Scan

When your scan is complete, you will be invited into to browse through your images and select those that you wish to print. You will then be provided with your chosen prints and your scan report to take home with you.

We have specifically designed our pregnancy scans so that you’re able to visit us at any time during your pregnancy.

View our pregnancy scans to see what we offer and to check availability.

Rescan Policy

Sometimes the position of baby can make it difficult to achieve the primary purpose of the scan you have booked. This could be seeing the sex of your baby or obtaining clear images during our wellbeing & 4D scan, for example.

We will do everything we can to achieve the purpose of your scan whilst you’re with us, however sometimes we will invite you back on another date to try again.

For our gender & wellbeing scan – a rescan will be offered if the sonographer feels that they cannot clearly see the sex of the baby.

For our 4D & wellbeing scan – a rescan will be offered if the sonographer feels that baby’s position is such that no images of a reasonable standard can be taken. If the reason is one that will not feasibly change at a later date then a rescan is unlikely to be offered.

Please note: terms and conditions apply. Please see our rescan policy for further information.