Additional Extras

We offer a number of additional extras here at FirstSight. These can either be purchased in person on the day of your scan or added to your cart upon booking online. Please note that items may not be the exact products shown below.

Heartbeat Bears £20 regular or £25 large

We offer a range of heartbeat bears for you to choose between. We take a recording of your baby’s heartbeat and place it within your bear as a special keepsake for your family.

Heartbeat bears are available from 16 weeks of pregnancy onwards.

Digital download from £10

£10 for all images or £15 for all images and video clips.

We take many images (and some video clips) during your scan with us. Should you wish to purchase a digital copy of all the media from your scan, then we will send you a link with all the images (and video clips should you opt for these too) from your scan. These can then be downloaded to your device.

Please note that video clips are sent as .avi files.

Extra prints £4 each

We provide you with two prints following your scan with us (three with 4D scans). We show you all the images following your scan with us and give you the opportunity to select your favourite ones to be printed.

Additional prints can also be purchased for £4 each.

Confetti Cannons £12.50 each

Our popular gender reveal cannons are approximately 60 cm in length and contains pink or blue tissue confetti circles. Spring loaded, just twist and it will pop.

Confetti Balloons £20 each

These beautiful black latex balloons are approximately 1m in size and come with pink or blue confetti. We will fill the balloon with helium ready for you to take home with you. We recommend that balloons are popped within 4-6 hours.

Confetti Shooters £5 each

Our gender reveal confetti shooters contain pink or blue confetti and are approximately 20cm long.

Gender Reveal Scratch Card £5 each

We offer individual gender reveal scratch cards. A fun way to reveal the sex of your baby to friends and family.

Gender Reveal Box for your Heartbeat Bear £5 each

We offer boxes for your pink or blue heartbeat bear. We can therefore hide the sex of your baby by hiding a pink or blue heartbeart bear in this box, allowing you to find out the sex of your baby in the privacy of your home or with friends & family.

Please note that £5 is for the box only (bears can be purchased from £20).